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Dr. Mauro Tambasco
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Board Certification:  MCCPM
Positon:  Associate Professor & Medical Physicist
                 Associate Director of Medical Physics Residency Program
                 Associate Director of Medical Physics Graduate Program

Office:  P-139
Office Phone:  (619) 594-6161
Office Fax:  (619) 594-5484

Research Interests:

Dr. Tambasco's research interests include:

i)        Investigating the biophysics effects of ionizing radiation in the presence of strong magnetic fields;

ii)      Developing a small sized detector that quantifies the enhanced biological effect of ionizing radiation;

iii)  Developing and evaluating deep learning techniques for quantifying the degree of tumor differentiation.

Projects ii, iii, and iv involve computational and/or experimental components, and students with computational and/or experimental

interest and background are encouraged to apply.

  1. Highly motivated Ph.D. student interested in Monte Carlo modeling of DNA strand breaks from ionizing radiation in the presence of high magnetic fields and experimental validation.  Apply throught the Computational Science Research Center.
  2. Highly motivated M.S. student interested in the application of deep learning algorithms to cancer pathology images and patient survival analysis.  Please e-mail me your CV/resume with GPA, and GRE scores.
  3. Highly motivated undergraduate or graduate physics students interested in a medical biophysics research.

Recent Funding:

2014-2015). Principle Investigator, SDSU: University Grants Program. “Preliminary In-Vitro Study of Clotrimazole as an Apoptosis Inducing Radiosensitizer for Breast Cancer Cells,” – $9,972.00.


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